Houston writer Shea Serrano in talks for new family sitcom about his life

Left, courtesy of CAA; Right, Getty Images Shea Serrano (left), Mike Schur

ABC is looking to make a family comedy about the Texas writer’s life, and wants Mike Shur of “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” to produce it.

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Shea Serrano would be writing the script, and Shur would be co-producing it with Serrano. The comedy would be based on Serrano’s life growing up in San Antonio with five different uncles and their competing perspectives on manhood, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Serrano now resides in Houston.

This marks Shea Serrano’s first television sale, another notch the New York Times best-selling author can now add to his belt.

In addition to his best selling book, Serrano is also a staff writer for sports websites The Ringer, has contributed to GQ, and is known for his hilarious Twitter commentary.

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