In Houston, Everything’s Better — especially when compared to Dallas

FILE - In this June 17, 2014, file photo, a shopper looks at an item in the dairy section of a Kroger grocery store in Richardson, Texas. Packaged food makers are trying to adapt their selling strategies as more people do their grocery shopping online. The worry is that products won’t get as much exposure as in supermarkets, where shoppers have to walk past displays designed to trigger impulse buys. One way companies are trying to trigger impulse buys online is with targeted ads. (AP Photo/LM Otero, File)

For many Texans, especially Houstonians, H-E-B is a way of life.

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So, it’s no surprise the people of Dallas got their hopes up for a chance to shop at the state’s most Texan grocery store when this picture started circulating this week:

Photo: raccooten, via Reddit

Turns out the convincing screen shot of the local Dallas news a fake.

As if things weren’t already bad enough five hours from Houston, Dallas’ closest H-E-B option is almost 30 miles away in Waxahachie:

Screen shot of

To put things in perspective, the Bayou City has 81 options within 100 miles:

Screen shot of

Remember to give thanks for our blessings, y’all.

Dallas will have to settle for Central Market, and this may be because in Houston, Everything’s Better.

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