Modern dating is safer than ever thanks to Uber and Lyft

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The ridesharing industry is helping to make modern dating safer and more convenient than ever.

Thanks to technological advances that have made online dating sites and smartphone apps the new norm when it comes to dating, finding a partner is arguably easier now than at any other point in history. However, connecting with strangers online can come with its own set of safety concerns. For many people, meeting up for a rendezvous with a stranger means putting their safety, and possibly their sanity, at risk.

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For anyone planning to go on a blind date, having an escape plan is essential. While suburban areas make it easy for a woman to simply create an excuse and run to the safety of her parked car, big city dwellers and college students without cars don’t always have that luxury.

Now, thanks to services like Uber and Lyft, those who find themselves on a date with a less-than-charming partner are only a “tap” away from liberation.

While there is certainly no shortage of awkward first date stories, sometimes the situation takes a more dangerous turn.

You Are in Control

In an imperfect world filled with imperfect people, there is no such thing as being overly cautious when it comes to meeting up with online acquaintances. While ridesharing is not guaranteed to make an experience more pleasant, it can help a woman take the necessary precautions.

From the moment passengers enter their Uber or Lyft, they are tracked via GPS. For those particularly apprehensive about their situation, their real-time location can be shared with whomever they choose. This allows daters to have more control over their situation.

If, for example, the evening takes a turn for the worse and a woman finds herself searching through local mug shots while her date is in the restroom, friends and family members know exactly where she is, should anything happen.

Aside from the hypothetical nightmare of discovering that an online match is actually a wanted serial killer, a person may end up in an uncomfortable situation.

For those who are in an unfamiliar environment and are feeling compelled to escape, hailing a ridesharing service via smartphone will not only allow a quick exit, it will also indicate how long before the ride’s arrival.

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Liquor is Quicker

Since alcohol is a proven icebreaker, it’s not uncommon for a blind date to involve a drink or two. If a woman begins to feel that her judgment is becoming compromised, an Uber may be exactly what’s needed.

Since many of us are not our most competent selves after a few drinks, being able to use an app’s GPS to request a ride at the current location allows the driver to find a friend in distress who is not exactly sure where they are.

The modern online dating landscape does not seem likely to change anytime soon. Luckily, technological advancements like dating and ridesharing apps are not only keeping us more connected, they are also allowing us to safely meet and interact with others beyond our social circles.

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