New “Origami in the Gardens” exhibit at Morton Arboretum opened this weekend, and it’s amazing

The Morton Arboretum is showcasing giant origami as they put on activities inspired by Japanese culture.

Including live shows, giant sculptures and numerous activities in the children’s garden, the showcase features a variety of aspects on the culture, according to WGN.

“I like the magical quality,” Marilyn Schweitzer told WGN. “I like starting out with just a square piece of paper.”

Schweitzer is an origami enthusiast whose work has contributed to the spectacular sights this exhibit provides. With origami that stands taller than a man, Chicagoans can’t miss the incredible sculptures.

The show, titled “Origami in the Gardens,” includes 25 displays composed of 40 sculptures that are placed throughout the grounds of the arboretum. Kevin Box and his wife Jennifer created the sculptures and helped bring the exhibit to the Chicagoland area.

“It’s cast metal so we don’t actually fold the metal,” Kevin told WGN. “A lot of people think I’m a really strong metal folder but we actually melt the metal and pour it into molds and this is cast aluminum which is actually lighter weight.”

Each sculpture has a unique story, including one abstract piece that tells the story of a piece of paper that dreams to fly. While this story is abstract, others are more concrete such as the origami bird sculptures throughout.

Catch this exhibit at the Morton Arboretum from now until Sunday, Oct. 22 to see origami sculptures bigger than you could imagine.

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