No tricks, Houston – this is reportedly the best treat in Texas to give out this Halloween

Photo by Chana Elgin

Having trouble deciding which candy to buy for Halloween this year?

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Purveyor of all things tasty may be just what you need, after evaluating sales receipts from all 50 states to determine the top three candies for each.

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According to the study, Americans spend about $2.7 billion on Halloween candy each year, finding the most popular Halloween candy in Texas to be Starbursts, followed closely by Reese’s Cups.

These top two candies dwarf the sales of other sweets, with the 3rd place treat Almond Joy selling less than half as many pounds as Starbursts and Reese’s Cups.

A group of college-aged Texans, who asked for their names to be withheld, said they consider this list trash, describing Starbursts as “garbage candy.”

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They said a safe bet was to provide full-sized candy bars.

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Whatever you do, don’t give fruit. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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Happy Halloween, Houston!

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