Prince Charles got choked up remembering when he saw a beloved member of the family pass away

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Prince Charles got emotional talking about the moment he watched his beloved race horse die after training.

Charles opened up about the 1981 incident in a new interview with ITV and said that he felt Allibar slow down as they were riding.

“He crashed onto the ground. I held his head while the life drained out of it. I couldn’t bear it because you see the life going out of his eyes,” Charles said. “It nearly finished me. I’ve never had that happen.”

Charles purchased the horse in May 1980. “He was a special horse because he had all of the right confirmation and he had the right front on him,” he said, remembering their first race together. “I remember we had fantastic butterflies, which is a very good thing to get because once you get gay, you stay calmer.”

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He said that when they took off he had no idea what he was doing but they came in second. His soon-to-be wife Lady Diana Spencer and ex-girlfriend, now wife Camilla Parker Bowles watched them from the sidelines at Ludlow racecourse in October 1980.

After Allibar’s death, Charles purchased Good Prospect, a horse that he was thrown from during a race.

“The worst feeling in the world, I found was coming off like that. And, they all gallop over you and they disappear so fast and you are left in silent despair,” Charles joked.

According to PEOPLE, Charles and Duchess Camilla now own a few racehorses and in 2010, he started The Prince’s Countryside Fund which works to improve family farm businesses and the quality of rural life.

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