Princess Diana’s brother Charles believes she would have been the “best grandmother ever”

The Princess of Wales is pictured during an evening reception given by the West German President Richard von Weizsacker in honour of the British Royal guests in the Godesberg Redoute in Bonn, Germany on Monday, Nov. 2, 1987. Prince Charles and Princes Diana are touring Germany presently in an official state visit. (AP Photo/Herman Knippertz)

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Twenty years after her tragic and sudden death, Princess Diana’s surviving family members and friends have been sharing their favorite memories of the late royal.

During an interview featured on ABC’s “The Story of Diana,” her brother Charles Spencer said that the saddest part about her being gone is that she’ll never get to meet her grandchildren, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

“One of the great tragedies is that Diana would have been the best grandmother ever,” he said during the televised event, which aired this week.

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Spencer, however, is thrilled to see the memory of his sister living on in her two sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

“I love seeing the sort of uncomplicated way that they deal with people, and put them at their ease,” he said. “It’s so easy to connect the dots between them and their mother.”

Most specifically, Spencer is grateful to see that William, Harry and Duchess Kate have been working hard to continue Diana’s philanthropic efforts and that they are dedicated to making sure the world remembers what a special person she was.

“What’s amazing to me is the passing of time,” he said. “Now William and Catherine are nearly the same age as Diana when she died. I love the fact that there’s still such veneration inside her immediate family for what she was, and what she meant. I think that’s fantastic.”

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Spencer has also been inspired to ensure his sister’s place in history.

“One of the reasons I wanted to talk now is because I think after 20 years, someone shifts from being a contemporary person to a person of history actually,” he said. “And Diana deserves a place in history. I think that it’s important for people who are under 35, who probably won’t remember her at all, to remember that this is a special person. Not just a beautiful one.”

Prince William talks about Princess Diana being a grandmother

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