Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her “official” birthday with the annual Trooping the Colour parade

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Although Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday is April 21, Saturday was her “official” birthday, as it’s customary to celebrate her birthday publicly during the summer when the weather is nice. To commemorate the occasion, the royal family and regiments of the United Kingdom’s military paraded through the streets of London for the annual Trooping the Colour.

The Queen and Prince Phillip traveled in a carriage, as did Duchess Camilla, Prince Harry and Duchess Kate. As is the custom, Prince William, Prince Charles and Princess Anne rode on horseback.

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The royals then watched the regiments perform the Trooping, “which displays the discipline of The British Army.”

After the Trooping, the Queen and the members of the royal family gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the Royal Air Force perform their display.

Ahead of the ceremony, the Queen issued a solemn but hopeful statement to her people:

Today is traditionally a day of celebration. This year, however, it is difficult to escape a very’ sombre national mood. In recent months, the country has witnessed a succession of terrible tragedies.

As a nation, we continue to reflect and pray for all those who have been directly affected by these events. During recent visits in Manchester and London, I have been profoundly struck by the immediate inclination of people throughout the country to offer comfort and support to those in desperate need.

Put to the test, the United Kingdom has been resolute in the face of adversity. United in our sadness, we are equally determined, without fear or favor, to support all those rebuilding lives so horribly affected by injury and loss.

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