Rascal Flatts Will Inspire You With This Song About Second Chances

In their 2012 hit Changed, Rascal Flatts told an incredible story about God’s forgiveness and redemption, even when we don’t believe we deserve either one. It told the story about a person who did plenty wrong in his life, but found a new beginning in the arms of Jesus Christ. It told the story about how no matter how bad things get, there is always a way out.

What a perfect lesson for any day of the week.

The country trio has long taken every chance to live their faith through their music, and fans are now finding themselves longing for those old hits with the band hanging up the insturments.

“There was a nostalgic feeling between the three of us while in the studio for this record, a feeling that was more reminiscent of our first albums,” said Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus of their last album. “The journey we’ve all been on together is unreal and I can honestly say I’m even more excited about what is ahead for us. ‘Back To Us’ is not only a title of a song on the album, but [also] a feeling that has been building around this new music. It just fits in so many ways.”

Lead vocalist Gary LeVox took the opportunity to do something that he has always wanted to do —a solo Christian collection — as the band has gone their own ways.

“I was so distracted with everything in life, and half of it didn’t matter. I was putting so much time, and energy, and effort into stuff that just meant nothing. This song helped me focus and get back on track,” he said. “Life has been crazy, and if there was ever a moment for me to bring hope to my fans, I now was my time.”

What do you think?

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