Three robbers caught hiding just under police’s nose

Three Chicago men hid in the last place you’d expect from the police – but in the end were still charged with armed robbery in Lake Bluff after eluding to be captured this past Friday in a spot you would least expect.

Eddie L. Hill, 24, Cordell C. Prince, 21, and Aries A. Rickenbacker, 22, were all charged with armed robbery and related charges on Sept. 9, after they inadvertently fled straight into the Highland Park Police Department.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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The men were later caught after they had put a handgun to a Verizon store employee’s head, forcing the employee to open the safe. It was said they took at least 20 cell phones and other electronic devices and left through the back door, leaving the employee’s wrists bound with zip ties…

After the employees were later able to free themselves, they dialed 911. Meanwhile, the chase was on for police officers and the three armed robbers along Route 41, until the car crashed and that’s when the shenanigans started to happen…

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“That’s when the suspects bailed,” said Highland Park Deputy Chief Timothy Wilinski. “They fled on foot. Where the crash was, was adjacent to the police parking lot. One was taken into custody in the rear parking lot of the Highland Park Police Station. The other two fled on foot and ran into the lobby of the police station, where they were taken into custody.”

Wilinski commented that the men probably didn’t realize they entered a police station.

“I don’t think they knew it was a police facility,” Wilinski added. “They were hiding behind a vending machine in our lobby.”

Or maybe they did know they were entering a police station and had a change of heart? Turned themselves in but needed a snack first? We may never know but I think we all get what the moral of the story was beside not robbing Verizon stores…if you are running from the law, subtly plays a major key.

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