Take a fishing trip…to the middle of Houston?

As the sun dips beneath the horizon a recreational fisherman pulls a fluke out of the water while fishing at Jones Beach State Park, Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017, in Wantagh, N.Y. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

When you think of prime fishing territory, skyscrapers and cement seldom come to mind, but Houston’s urban bayous can provide a surprisingly welcome environment for fish.

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As the water churns through the gates of the urban bayous, it becomes more oxygenated. Shady spots from bridges provide cooler areas where fish like to congregate. Despite its image, the concrete Bayous of Houston are capable of supporting aquatic life, and people make a habit of fishing from them.

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Right inside 610 lies, according to an article in the Houston Chronicle, a vibrant fishery.

This is at white oak Bayou trail right under 11th” — juangq/Reddit

“The bayous have a tremendous, untapped and under-appreciated fishery,” said lifelong angler Mark Marmon in an interview with the Chronicle. “It can be challenging; the fish can be extremely wary, and the water conditions have to be right. But you can have some great fishing right here in the middle of Houston.”

Marmon claims to have caught 18 different species of fish from the cement bayous of H-Town, including largemouth bass, sunfish and catfish. A few non-indigenous species introduced over the years are a big draw for those with more exotic fishing tastes, especially in Bray’s Bayou.

Two of the most notable alien species are armored catfish and tilapia, but the biggest draw? Plain old carp.

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