Texans with DWIs could get a second chance with this new law

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A law recently signed by Governor Greg Abbott allows some DWI offenders a second chance in the state of Texas. It seals their record from public view, which means potential employers wouldn’t be able to see it either. But this law doesn’t apply to everyone.

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Only first time offenders with a blood alcohol level of .14 or less, who didn’t cause an accident or injury, qualify for a second chance under this law, and they still have to obey court orders concerning their conviction.

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Under this law, those who meet the requirements can apply for nondisclosure, meaning that their records will be sealed to the public if that application is accepted. They still have to comply with the courts before that can happen, and can speed up the process by doing things like installing an ignition interlock device in their car.

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood thinks the law is a good idea, though it won’t affect his county since there are already similar programs in place. “I’d like to call it an opportunity,” LaHood told Newsvine.com, “A chance is a freebie, but when you give someone an opportunity to turn their life around with structure and accountability, that means they’re going to work for it.”

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