Texas says it plans to buy more of this illegal drug to use for executions

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Videos by Rare

Despite the fact that sodium thiopental, a powerful anesthetic, is banned by the FDA, Arizona, Nebraska and Texas all bought vials and vials of it from India to be used in executions. The states were warned prior to buying it that no shipments of the drug would be allowed into the country. That didn’t stop them from spending a total of around $75,000 on it, after which the shipments were seized.

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According to Buzzfeed, sitting through years of protracted legal battles has caused the drugs to expire. And, what do you do when your execution drug goes bad? You buy more. Like milk. Which is exactly what Texas has said it plans to do.

Originally, the drugs were bought from an incredibly shifty individual in India named Chris Harris. Harris claimed to manufacture the drug, but according to the Buzzfeed report, the only two properties he has listed as businesses are a tiny office and an apartment he still owes back rent on. Turns out, he bought the vials from another manufacturer and resold them.

The only other supplier Texas tried to buy from was shut down by the Indian government for selling illegal drugs to tourists.

As of now, the lawsuit is still ongoing.

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