Thanks to the power of Facebook, this Baytown man got his Ford Mustang back

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Dwight Sanders was out of town on business when he got the call we all dread.

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His home had been broken into, he was told, and his Mustang GT had been stolen.

“When they told me the car was gone, it was like my heart dropped. It meant more to me than anything,” said Sanders.

Sanders and his late wife had purchased the car in 2011, and had spent years restoring it. His wife died in 2014 of cervical cancer, and the car was a cherished memory.

The Baytown man didn’t know where to turn so he went to social media, and posted about the theft on Facebook. Three thousand shares later, someone contacted Sanders with information; the car was spotted in the Hazy Hollow area of Magnolia. Police officers in Montgomery County went to investigate, and they found the car, sloppily covered with a tarp.

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The Mustang is now back, safe with its owner. And Sanders has Facebook to thank for it all.

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