The Texas “Bathroom Bill” just won’t die, and it could affect the 2018 Republican primary

Protestors gather to voice opposition on the Texas transgender bathroom bill. Photo: Eric Gay/AP

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Despite the failure of bills in several red states that would’ve required transgender people to use the bathroom of their “biological sex,” the issue just refuses to die in the Texas legislature.

FILE – In this April 19, 2017, file photo, Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus, R-San Antonio, talks with fellow lawmakers on the House floor at the Texas Capitol in Austin. Straus has for months opposed a “bathroom bill” targeting transgender people, saying the proposal could spark boycotts that could hurt the state’s economy. The Legislature is heading into special session on Tuesday, July 25 and conservative groups have promised to target Straus and his key House lieutenants during March’s GOP primaries if the issue doesn’t pass. (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

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As a special session in which courts will review transgender bathroom rights yet again draws ever-nearer, Texas lawmakers face pressure from a few different angles. According to the Associated Press, several large companies with political clout like Apple have gone on record opposing the bill. This could lead to boycotts if any such legislation is passed. On the other hand, Republican candidates running for office in 2018 have threatened to leverage the issue against any incumbents who oppose it, or don’t take a side. Political action committees like the Conservative Republicans of Texas have also threatened to oppose anyone who isn’t in favor of passing a bathroom bill.

Right now, the bill is at a standstill, as the U.S. Senate rejected an earlier version of it. The Texas House of Representatives is led by people who oppose any such bill, while the Senate wants to push it through. If this gridlock remains at the end of the upcoming 30-day special session, then the bathroom bill issue could finally die.

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