Little Prince George had the funniest reaction after the Queen scolded his father, Prince William

Prince William learned grandma is always right when Queen Elizabeth II scolded him in front of a crowd on the Buckingham Palace balcony. Don’t cross the Queen of England!

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The Royal Family was greeting people during the Trooping the Color show when Prince William bent down to speak to his son, Prince George.

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Apparently, the Queen wasn’t happy to see that William wasn’t standing with the rest of the family, and she gave him a tap on the shoulder and told him to “stand up, William!”

Prince William turned a little red as he stood up to face the crowd, but little George’s reaction was even better! The tiniest prince hilariously slapped his head in response to his father’s scolding.

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George is lucky the Queen didn’t see that reaction! He probably would have wound up in trouble, too.

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