Woman visiting Houston pleads for return of lost phone filled with memories

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A Washington woman who lost her cellphone is hoping that someone finds and returns it. K.C. Javellana left her iPhone in the restroom of a Wal-Mart in Spring and, when she went back to look for it, the phone was gone.

A few weeks before she lost her phone, Javellana’s father passed away after a massive heart attack at the young age of 44. The iPhone she misplaced isn’t the latest or hottest model, but it contains numerous text messages, videos and voicemails from her late father.

“I wasn’t too focused on the phone itself, just the content inside of it,” Javellana told Click2Houston. “I was losing my father all over again. I lost all of his memories, basically.”

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The phone was not turned in to store personnel or to the police. When Javellana attempted to use the Find My iPhone app to locate her phone, she found that the feature had been disabled. Javellana has reached out to numerous news outlets to relay her story and hope that someone returns the phone with the messages intact.

“If you do return it, no questions asked,” Javellana told a local TV station. “Not angry or anything like that. I’d just really like all of that stuff back and no hard feelings.”

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She went on to stress that the value of the phone for her did not lie in the technology available with it, but the memories locked inside it.

“If you are to lose someone as close to you as your parent,” she said, “how would you feel if someone takes something so significant of yours?”

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