Amber Heard Is Leaving The Country To Avoid More Drama

Apparently, Amber Heard has found a safe haven.

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More specifically, Heard is in Spain, far from the place where she lost both a trial against Johnny Depp and in the court of popular opinion.

According to TMZ, Heard is dealing with her emotions in Palma de Mallorca with 1-year old daughter Oonagh Paige Heard. The two are staying with close friend Bianca Butti, a Hollywood writer, producer, cinematographer and occasional director.

While Depp has seemingly been everywhere since winning the defamation suit, Heard has stayed out of the public eye for the entirety of the three months since the trial ended.

Right now, she owes $8.3 million as a result of the verdict — though she is appealing that ruling. That appeal is still very much up in the air.

One judge has already denied Heard’s motion to throw out the verdict based on a mistrial. That motion was filed on July 1. It claimed discrepancies between the summoned jury member and whomever served on the trial were enough to overturn the verdict.

Given that she’s holing up in Spain, it doesn’t appear as if the actress has anything new in the works. Her last on-screen performances, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and In the Fire are already in the post-production stages.

Meanwhile, Depp is next set to star in the Netflix film La Favorite, as we relayed here.

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  1. Guess Eve is no longer of value to her and has been cast aside (again) for previous relationship Bianca (again). Wonder if she has agreed to help her financially? Can you say extradition to face charges?! Ah, user and abuser, someone needs to stop this madness.

  2. She ought to stay in Spain, nobody cares. Nobody will go to any future film she ever makes and I doubt she will ever receive an offer. Her career is finished. She incensed the public and we don’t forget.

  3. Well, I like Aquaman but I will not be paying to see A2 if they leave Heard in it. I won’t pay money to see such a mean, vindictive, self-serving person on the screen. I watched the trial and could not believe her actions, answers or seemingly faked emotions.

  4. She was the one doing press and public stuff for the first 2 months and she’s literally shitting in the streets in Spain so she’s doing her usual

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