America down: a bald eagle fell from the sky and what it had in its talons at the time proved deadly MAINE WARDEN SERVICE

A bald eagle that had lived in the wild to the ripe old age of 31 was found by wildlife official in Maine dead and laying next to a two-foot-long lamprey eel, also dead.

Scott Osgood of the Maine Warden Service made the discovery on April 25 and he believes that both creatures were electrocuted to death when a dangling eel hit a power line as the eagle flew over it.

Maine Warden Service
“It was kind of unique,” Osgood told the River Valley Sun Journal. “Eagles usually get killed by flying into wires in bad visibility or they break a wing and crash. I’ve handled quite a few, but never with an eel.

“I’m surmising that that eagle had probably done that 100 times, carrying fish over the power lines that aren’t long enough to contact the wires, but he did it this time with an eel dangling more than 2 feet below him and got zapped,” he added.

The New York Daily News noted a Vanderbilt University study, which shows that electrocution from power lines is actually one of the top five most common ways bald eagles die.

Also, this is a lamprey eel:

Wikimedia Commons/uploaded by Drow male
Wikimedia Commons/uploaded by Drow male
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