American College Student Reported Missing While Studying Abroad in France

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

An American college student has been reported missing by his family while he’s studying abroad in France. The parents of 22-year-old Ken DeLand Jr. have now officially set up a website in order to share information about their son, who they say has been missing since November.

The couple stated that they last heard from their son, who’s known as Kenny, on November 27th while he was boarding a train to balance located in southeast France. The family said that they “fear the worst and want him to be located.”

DeLadnd Jr. was studying at the University Grenoble Alpes in France through his school study abroad program. On Sunday, November 27th he left his host family’s residence and headed to Valence, which is the 2-hour train ride from Grenoble. This according to the website set up by his parents in the United States. His family says that they last spoke to him via WhatsApp and haven’t heard from him since.

His study program was supposed to end on December 17th with his Visa expiring early next year. Grenoble’s public prosecutors released a statement saying they opened an investigation following a report on November 27th “by students, of the disturbance appearance of a 21-year-old American student who had to come to Grenoble to study French.”

“The young man reportedly told several people that he had arrived in France insufficiently prepared and that he had difficulty making friends,” the statement read. “He appears to have left Grenoble voluntarily,” it added,  “He also mentioned that he wanted to go to Marseille before returning to the United States.”

Ken DeLand Jr. Missing in France

The teenager had reportedly been in constant communication with his family while he was in France, according to his father, Ken DeLand. Speaking on “Good Morning America” he stated, “He would reach out to me almost daily, sometimes every other day.”

“Kenny’s a friendly, outgoing college student, a young man,” he noted. “He loves to travel. So, this trip has been something that he’s really looked forward to and enjoyed.” St. John Fister University located in Rochester New York confirmed that the teenager was a student there. The university went to tell on and see that they will continue to provide any information and do all they can in order to assist with the investigations. University officials are in close contact with the study abroad agency,  American Institute for Foreign Study, which is working with French law enforcement on finding the students. 

“Our campus community remains hopeful that Kenneth will be found safe and return home,” the University spokesman stated. DeLand Jr.’s Family stated they have filed a missing person report with French police, which means that authorities would be notified if he were to board any flight or train to leave France using his passport. Footage captured the student entering a sports store located in Montelimar in southeast France on December 3rd, where he made a purchase of $8.40 according to his partners. 

His Facebook page there’s several videos and photos from his travels and friends but has since been inactive since November 19.  This was 8 days before the family last heard from the boy. Asuna is roughly 6 ft tall weighing 190 pounds and was last seen wearing a scarf, red jacket, blue jeans, a gray beanie, sneakers, and had a black backpack.

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