American Music Icon Dead At 79

Katherine Anderson-Schaffner, a founding member of the Marvelettes, has reportedly died at the age of 79. The Marvelettes were the group behind the classic ‘Please, Mr. Postman’ a song that stayed on the Billboard music charts for an astounding 23 weeks in 1961, eventually reaching #1 on the charts in December.

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Anderson-Schaffner was a founding member of the group that created this hit. Anderson-Schaffner’s sister made the following post on social media following the beloved singer’s passing…

Some called her Kat – some called her Sis , Gamma – Momma K but my sister and I called her MOM,” she wrote in her tribute post. “She was not just a Mom to us but to many. Many people would come and sit at her table. Now if you ever sat and said, ‘Kat I need to talk.’ You already knew you were going to get true, uncut, unedited council. She wasn’t going to tell you what you wanted to hear but what you should hear. I remember friends saying I’m coming over and I would say, ‘I’m not home;’ the response would be I’m going to talk to your mom. My response would always be you know how that’s going to go right? Two hours and a box of tissue later sitting at her kitchen table, your counseling session was over. The funny part is you would come back for more.

Katherine Anderson Schaffner is and will always be one of the Original Marvelettes. Her music and Legacy will live on. So the next time you hear ‘Please Mr. Postman,’ ‘Don’t Mess With Bill,’ or ‘The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game,’ just smile and say ‘I’ll Keep Holding On.’ Mom we love you and will miss you. And yes we know — ‘It is what it is.’

Katherine Anderson, Co-Founder Of The Marvelettes, Dead At 79 (

Anderson-Schaffner will be remembered forever. She made great contributions to American music, and we pray for her family during these times. Rest in peace, legend!

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