If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the MoonPie kitchen.

The Tennessee-based brand got into an epic Twitter war with naysayers of their marshmallow-graham cracker-chocolate concoction.

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Twitter user Kaela Thompson (@KaelaDianne97) threw the first punch, tweeting the brand “Nobody likes moon pies.”

MoonPie responded, saying “Yes they do.” Things escalated quickly and by the end of the fiery exchange, Thompson knew she was beat. She wrote, “Note to self: don’t mess with MoonPie.”

Another user was laughed into deleting their original tweet when, after telling the snack brand “Your time is wasted managing a social media account,” they were met with unparalleled shade.

MoonPie clapped back, writing “Buddy it’s saturday night and you’re talking to a marshmallow sandwich on the internet.”

Whoever is running MoonPie’s account has got quite the attitude — and the love of plenty of adoring fans. One such person tweeted, “I don’t know who is running the @MoonPie twitter, but they are a real American hero.”

From their posts about their snack food, it’s obvious MoonPie is willing to take no prisoner’s because their food is just that good.

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Like MoonPie, Wendy’s Twitter account recently went viral when the hamburger company called out someone who implied their food was literal trash.

Jordan Masele (@jordanmasele) messaged the company saying, “If you reply I will buy the whole Wendy’s menu right now.” When Wendy’s asked them to “prove it,” Jordan tweeted a garbage bag as proof and was hit with a burn so sick, ice wouldn’t do much to help.

“Thanks for sharing your baby pictures,” Wendy’s clapped back as readers’ jaws dropped worldwide.

“Sorry friend. You did swing first,” they later wrote, after their target meme’d his woes.

It’s pretty clear MoonPie and Wendy have mastered the art of throwing shade, and we could all stand to learn a thing or two.

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