An elected official is in hot water for a Facebook post about Trump and Syria — this one is really embarrassing


As the old adage goes, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

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A Maryland councilwoman is under fire for calling President Donald Trump more “RETARDED” than people suffering at a local mental health facility.

Salisbury City Councilwoman April Jackson wrote the Facebook post Thursday night reacting to the U.S.’s Tomahawk missile strike in Syria. It has since been deleted but remains on the internet for all to see.

“Ya’lls President is RETARDED… He’s far pass the Holly Center,” the elected official wrote. As you can see the post was liked, laughed at and loved by 65 people, including Jackson.

In a later comment, Jackson didn’t really back down from her post.

“I just used the Holly Center as a place I know where people have mental illness. I stand by what I said about [President Trump],” Jackson said, according to WBOC. “Maybe I was wrong for using the Holly Center to say something about [President Trump], but I stand by what I said about him.”

Even the mayor of Salisbury stopped short of completely condemning Jackson’s post, although she insulted the mentally ill, their families and friends, constituents and the President of the United States all in one.

He, instead, focused on this as an instance of “the pitfalls of social media.”

“Having spent time with them, I know that the patients and providers of the Holly Center are incredible, valuable and loved. This statement, while insensitive and careless and indicative of the pitfalls of social media, is not indicative of the heart or values of the April Jackson I know,” Mayor Jake Day said.

As WBOC reported, Jackson followed up with another comment on Facebook that has also been deleted.

“Well I’ve been told I can’t say what I want on Facebook…Are you kidding me? But Trump can insult people all day everyday … Wow!” she said.

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After her election in 2015, Jackson promised to represent Salisbury well.

“The journey was long and hard but well worth the work, not to mention everything that I have to bring to the table. When we work together, we win together. Just six months ago, I lost my father and was very hesitant about running, but my father did not raise me to be a quitter, so I journeyed on. Now here I am, representing District 1 and the entire city of Salisbury. Believe me, I promise to do it well,” she said.

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