An explosive argument ended with a 2-year-old boy being thrown down the stairs by his own mother YouTube/News World India
YouTube/News World India

A few days after a 16 year old admitted to cannibalizing a 9-year-old boy in India, another horrifying story has emerged out of the country’s capital, New Delhi.

A mother threw her 2-year-old child down a flight of stairs after she had a fight with her in-laws. The child was reportedly asleep at the time.

The act was caught on video and occurred in front of others, who were clearly alarmed by it.

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Surveillance footage showed a 26-year-old mother from Prahladpur, New Delhi, throwing her 2-year-old son, Anshu, down a flight on stairs on Saturday.

According to NDTV, Sonu Gupta did so after a fight with her in-laws about marital troubles she was having with her husband, Nitin Gupta, though an in-law claimed the argument was about property.

Video shows Sonu Gupta having an argument with her mother-in-law while sitting next to her sleeping son on a bed.

YouTube/News World India
YouTube/News World India

When it gets too heated, she throws clothes off the bed, grabs the boy and hurls him down the stairs.

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The mother-in-law would later tell NDTV that it was an attempt to frame the family members for murder.

“We were talking and she started fighting over property. While she was shouting, she pulled the child and said that I will kill him and frame all of you. She threw the child from the second floor to the first floor,” she said.

The mother-in-law said she had surveillance cameras installed “so I could get proof of her atrocities.”


The child has been treated at the hospital for head and face injuries. The abuse incident was reported to police on Tuesday.


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