MMA fighter Joe Schilling says that Keaton Jones’ mother Kimberly “just wants money” and asked him to share her GoFundMe page when he contacted her to invite them to a Los Angeles Bellatour MMA event to be Keaton’s friend and cheer him up.

“She just running a money scam,” reads the post on Schilling’s Instagram. “Really really sad and disgusting.”

Schilling says he asked her what the money was for, and she reportedly said said “You know, Christmas is coming.”

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A video posted to Facebook last week by Keaton’s mother Kimberly Jones shows the middle schooler breaking down as he describes the bullying he says he is subjected to by other students at his middle school. In a caption, Kimberly Jones said she recorded the video after Keaton had to be picked up from school “again” because he was scared to go to lunch. The video went viral, attracting the attention of everyone from athletes to celebrities.

Since going viral, the video has been made private or taken down entirely.

Greg Clay, the principal of Horace Maynard Middle School where Keaton is a student, says bullying is not as “rampant” as it’s been portrayed in Jones’ now-viral video. His school and staff spoke out against complaints that they weren’t doing enough to stop bullying like Keaton’s, according to USA Today. Clay says the bullying is “not as rampant as the video would have you believe.”

“I can’t tell you what was done,” he added, “but I can tell you action was taken with the children.”

In the video, Keaton says he had milk poured on him and food thrown at him during lunch in the school’s cafeteria. Principal Clay says that particular incident — which was described by Keaton with tears in his eyes — was resolved “weeks ago,” and he wasn’t aware of repeated bullying of Keaton.

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