Anthony Bourdain offered to “rearrange” David Duke’s kneecaps for accusing him of pushing “white genocide”

Anthony Bourdain speaks during South By Southwest at the Austin Convention Center on Sunday, March 13, 2016, in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP)

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Videos by Rare

Anthony Bourdain doesn’t take crap from anyone. That is even more true when it comes to someone like David Duke, a proud white nationalist and former Louisana state representative.

A clip started circulating of a 2016 episode of “Parts Unknown” where Bourdain was talking to German chef René Stessl about other countries’ attitudes toward refugees.

Stessl said that we need to be careful not to fall back into the same structure that gave birth to the “Nazi regime.”

Bourdain replied, referring to the United States attitudes towards refugees, saying, “But we kind of are. I don’t mean here, necessarily, but [the U.S. is] well on our way.”

Stessl added, “I’m allowed to be naïve, and talk about Utopia. Just the fact that the whole world will mix up with each other.”

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“That’s the only way,” Bourdain replied. “It’s gonna take some time, but it’s really the only way. This sort of Singaporean model, where everybody’s so mixed up that you really don’t know who to hate because everybody’s so hopelessly intertwined. But we’re a long way from that.”

Not long after the clip started circulating, Duke tweeted out the clip with a message that tried to tie Bourdain to pushing white genocide, writing, “Exterminating the White race is the only hope, according to (((Anthony Bourdain))). For those who question #WhiteGenocide. Here it is.”

Once Bourdain became aware of Duke’s tweet, he responded with his own strongly worded tweet, making it very clear that he isn’t for any sort of genocide or extermination, writing, “Genocide? Extermination? I’m against! But I’d be happy to rearrange your knee or other extremities.”

Duke quickly replied to Bourdain’s tweet, twisting Bourdain’s words to fit his argument.

Bourdain has yet to respond to Duke’s last tweet, but given it’s been three days, it’s safe to say the celebrity chef isn’t going to entertain Duke’s Twitter war.

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