Teen Arrested for Killing Father Who Reportedly Kidnapped Him a Decade Ago

East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office

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A Louisiana teenager was arrested after fatally shooting his father, who had allegedly kidnapped him over a decade ago. 17-year-old Anthony Templet was arrested on June 3, for shooting his father, Burt Templet, multiple times when the two got into a physical altercation. Templet told police his father was drunk and woke him up at 3 a.m. prompting him to lock himself in his father’s bedroom with two handguns.

According to the arrest report, the father began banging on the door, and Templet eventually unlocked it and shot him, claiming self-defense. Stating their relationship was “dysfunctional,” the 17-year-old called 911 to report what he did. After his arrest, a woman told authorities that she was Anthony’s sister and he had been kidnapped from their Texas home in 2009 by Burt.

Natasha Template spoke with authorities, saying, “He has been secluded and abused all these years by his own father. My brave brother had to defend himself for the last time against that evil man.” Burt was charged with assault three times between 2001 and 2002. Two of those cases were dismissed by a judge. Five years later, his ex-wife filed for a protective order before the family had reported Anthony as missing. Burt would allegedly hold Anthony in his arms while he was abusing the mother.

Burt eventually married a woman from Baton Rouge, but she reportedly left him earlier this year and filed for a protective order over alleged abuse. The 17-year-old is currently at a juvenile facility in north Louisiana and arrested on a count of manslaughter. He has not been officially charged in the case, but East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore stated his office will present all relevant information to a grand jury to determine which charges may be appropriate. Franz Borghardt and Jarrett Ambeau are currently representing Anthony and hope his father’s history of abuse will help them build their case that the 17-year-old was acting in self-defense.

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