President Donald Trump made a trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday to give a speech at the Snap-on headquarters and he was greeted by a legion of protestors and supporters on the surrounding streets.

One of those supporters suddenly collapsed to the ground. And then Americans became Americans again. Anti-Trump protestor Pat Ventura, a retired nurse in Kenosha, rushed to the man’s aid and provided emergency care. He was aided by a couple more health care professionals on the scene.

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“Somebody said, ‘Hey, Pat, somebody’s on the ground over there.’ I took off running,” Ventura told the Kenosha News. “His phone was broken, because when he fell that fell out of his pocket, and he told us (his wife’s) name. Some young kid had to help me turn the phone on. We found his wife’s name and we called her.”

After speaking to his wife, Ventura stayed with the man, whose name and condition remain unknown, until an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital.

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Ventura said by then the man was awake and talking. “He got dizzy,” Ventura said.

Ventura then rejoined a group of anti-Trump protestors, but not before getting in a little shot at the Trump supporter and President Trump: “I hope he has a good health care plan.”

Also on the scene was protestor Ana Draa, of Libertyville, Ill. A former CPR instructor, she also assisted the man, putting their extreme political differences aside.

“We’re on polar opposite sides of the political fence,” Draa told the Kenosha News. “I go to Planned Parenthood luncheons and his sign was all about defunding Planned Parenthood. At the end of the day, he’s God’s child. He’s somebody’s daddy, somebody’s husband, somebody’s father.”