AOC Pretends To Get Arrested, Raises Fist When She Was Supposed To Be Cuffed

The Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez arrest that wasn’t is making plenty of headlines.

AOC did not do something actually illegal, or something that may impact her standing in Congress. The police had to intervene with the New York representative at a demonstration this afternoon. Oh, that is where she pretended to be in handcuffs for a photo op.

The difference is, of course, pretending to being handcuffed and actually being in handcuffs. But as is the case with so many politicians, it’s all about the show.

Agree with her politics or not, it’s safe to say AOC exemplifies that theory as much as anyone. Only her latest display didn’t go over so well — after she pretended to have her hands tied behind her back as she was led away by police officers. Pretended is the key word here, of course.

AOC also, recently, admitted that she may be considered “out of touch” by some of her constituents.

“It’s always a concern that that’s a perception,” the New York Democrat told the Associated Press of her so-called celebrity status. “I’ve never had any control over the fact that that kind of phenomenon started the moment I was elected. If anything, that’s why it’s really important for me to continue to be here in the community.”

The police, clearly, just wanted to date her.

But Internet fame and politics are two very different things.

“Outside of the very online far-left, she’s not popular,” Jon Reinish, a Democratic political strategist in New York, said via Yahoo News. “She is considerably to the left of the vast majority of New York voters.”

Perhaps her latest display is a major reason why.

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