Apple CEO Tim Cook had a little fun at President Donald Trump’s expense on Friday as he jokingly “revealed” who’s really behind the president’s late-night tweets.

During a commencement speech at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cook commented that he can’t figure out how the students pulled off some of their epic end-of-year pranks – such as the propellor on top of the Great Dome that the students were able to accomplish in 1996.

“Or, how you’ve obviously taken over the president’s Twitter account,” he added. “I can tell college students are behind it because most of the tweets happen at 3 a.m.”

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Cook went on to give the graduating class some advice about the future that looms large in front of them, but he also implored them to remember how to treat their fellow man.

“The internet has enabled so much and empowered so many. But it can also be a place where the basic rules of decency are suspended, and pettiness and negativity thrive,” Cook said. “Don’t listen to the trolls, and for God’s sake don’t become one.”

He added: “Measure your impact on humanity not in likes, but in the lives you touch. Not in popularity, but in the people you serve.”

Elizabeth Vale is a contributor for Rare.
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