14 years prior, a man’s wallet was stolen — one day he got something in the mail that made everything better

Ivica Jerkovic of Croatia lost his wallet 14 years ago and was absolutely sure he’d never see it again.

He reportedly had $1,000 in his wallet that day to pay for roof repairs, a crippling loss to be sure. But it appears that his wallet was not lost, it was stolen.

Last week, something remarkable happened. The wallet was returned to him by mail, with more money in it than he had lost. This led him to believe that the wallet was stolen, but that the person responsible had paid him back with interest.

The wallet had $1,500 inside.

“First I thought that someone was joking with me so I went to check whether the money was real,” Jerkovic told 24 Sata. “I believe that this money saved him and for years he was calculating how much he should return to me.”

Jerkovic then asked the person to come forward so they could talk. He also praised the mystery human for being the best personal banker in Croatia.

(Photo credit: Flickr creative commons/small jude)

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