With the Hawaiian false missile alert still fresh on many minds, journalists and spectators attending a preliminary curling event in Gangneung, South Korea, for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics got a bit of a jolt from their cell phones Thursday morning.

An emergency alert written entirely in Korean was sent out, making some recipients who don’t speak the language just a tad anxious, considering the nuclear tensions currently flaring between North Korea and the U.S.

To make the situation even more concerning and alarming for those who don’t read Korean, emergency sirens sounded at the press center in the mountain cluster of South Korea, though it was unclear if those had any connection with the alert message, which was sent only to phones in the area of the coastal cluster, the Associated Press reports.

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Instantly, social media was abuzz about the push notification.

As it happened, there was nothing to worry about, at least from a potential disaster point of view. The alert was sent out regarding a fire in a nearby construction zone.

The Associated Press was informed by an Olympic volunteer that such alerts aren’t out of the ordinary in the area.

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The flames were reportedly smothered quickly, and Olympic visitors were told they had nothing to worry about, save for some possible traffic delays.

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