A man expressed his distaste for his new pair of shoes after discovering that the soles were shaped like swastikas.

Sam Purdie, 81, purchased a pair of navy slippers on Amazon. All looked normal when they were delivered, until he found that the soles were shaped quite similarly to swastikas. Purdie left a review to warn others about the shoes and believes a bot censored his review.

“This outsole is widely available in China and has not been developed by us,” said a representative for the shoe supplier, LJ&R Footwear. They argued that Purdie’s reference was the first time attention was brought to the sole. “Any resemblance to the sign in question is purely coincidental; it is a honeycomb maze pattern.”

“I’m not Jewish, but I am old enough to have very unpleasant memories of swastikas,” Purdie said. He added that he found the soles “absolutely disgusting” and that his father and three uncles fought in World War II.

Purdie said that the slippers are going “straight in the bin.” He didn’t ask for a refund.

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