A nightclub wants to reunite a woman with the wallet she dropped 30 years ago


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Videos by Rare

A British nightclub is on a mission to return a woman’s wallet which was accidentally left in their building in the 1980s.

The Ritz in Manchester discovered a woman’s brown leather wallet behind a radiator in their bar. It quickly became obvious that the wallet dropped behind the radiator 30 years old, giving the owners a look at what life was like at the time.

“We were clearing out the other day because we’re having a refurb in the offices, and it had fallen down the back of a radiator – it must have been lodged there since god knows when,” explained bar manager Chris Mann. “Inside, it has a library card, an old Midland Bank cash cheque card, about 12p in change, a hand-written invoice, a payslip with the name of the company she worked for and a photographic student ID with an address in Thelwall.”

According to the information in the wallet, the ‘time capsule’ belonged to a woman named Elizabeth Sarah Dale, about 18 or 19 at the time. Dale would be about 50 years of age today.

The bar is turning 90 soon. Mann said, “we just figured it might be nice to reunite it with its owner”

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