A popular Russian snake expert, apparently distraught over the break up of his volatile marriage, live streamed his suicide from Russia.

Arslan Valeev, 31, appears to have let his pet black mamba purposefully sink its lethal fangs into his hand. The actual bite and his death are not seen in the video, but what does show is plenty disturbing.

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At one point, he shows viewers the bite and pleads with them to call his ex-wife. Valeev’s breathing becomes quicker and his eyes start rolling.

“Pass on to Katya that I loved her very much,” he says. He later gets up from his chair and staggers off camera. He is said to have died a short time later.

Valeev and wife Ekaterina “Katya” Pyatyzhkina were well known in Russia for running several YouTube channels about snakes and their pet bobcats. The couple had hundreds of thousands of viewers. But things took a turn in August, when Valeev accused his wife of cheating, according to reports. He allegedly beat her seriously enough for her to sustain a concussion. He later publicly apologized.

Pyatyzhkina divorced him and was in a new relationship.

Watch a snake expert live-stream his own suicide using a deadly tool of his trade Screenshot/The Daily Mail