RVers help stop a bear as it chased down a cyclist, and their photos are just wild

An Idaho couple joined other motorists in stopping a young bear from mauling a cyclist along Highway 93 in Alberta, Canada.

Cassie Beyer and Donald Poster were driving their recreational vehicle along Highway 93 near the Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia. The Priest River couple saw a bear pursuing a cyclist along the shoulder of the road.

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According to Donald Poster, who posted the photos on Facebook, the cyclist was barely keeping out of range of the bear when motorists intervened.

“We see this dude pedaling his ass off with a Grizzly Bear chasing him, this is No Shit, had to be there to believe it,” wrote Poster.

Poster then explained that both he and two drivers in pickup trucks leaned on their horns to distract the bear and give the cyclist time to put distance between him and the bear.

CBC News reports that one of the pickup truck drivers also pulled partially in front of the bear to keep it from moving towards the cyclist. The couple says they left once the scene seemed safe for the cyclist.

Poster added “So far, loving the adventures of Canada!”

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