A young matador’s debut went horribly wrong when the bull savagely gored him through the roof of his mouth

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Warning: graphic images.

The most recent horrific bullfighting incident happened in Spain only a week and a half ago, when a matador was gored in his rectum by a 1,000-plus-pound beast.

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Now a rookie matador has suffered a painful goring of his head at a bullfight in Madrid, Spain. A crowd of 10,000-plus looked on in horror as 23-year-0ld Daniel García Navarrete was gored through his throat, face and tongue.

His leg was also punctured.

Although it was initially thought that Navarrete was gored once, doctors said the matador was actually pierced four times.

The thrashing bull showed no mercy.

People who witnessed it said that the bull was tossing the Navarrete around like a rag doll.

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One of Navarette’s wounds was reportedly 6 inches deep through the roof of the mouth. But the damage was much worse than that.

He has a long road of surgery and recovery ahead.

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