An idiot couple was caught on video getting it on while going 70 mph, and now the police are on their tail

Imagine driving down the highway just to turn and see a couple in another car doing the dirty beside you.

That’s the astonishing site an Argentinian passenger in a car caught on tape that’s sparking outrage across the web, reports the Daily Mail.

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In the astonishing video, a man wearing glasses can be seen in the driver’s seat of a silver compact car. A brunette mystery woman bounces in his lap while the driver just barely manages to keep his eyes on the road. As the man in the pervy pair realizes that he’s been caught on camera, he takes his hand away from his lover’s hair and — like a cherry on top of a vulgar sundae — flips off the passing car.

Shockingly, the reckless driver never bothers to slow down or pull off to the side of the ride; in fact, he speeds up, with his companion seemingly unaware that their love making has been spotted.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple were reportedly having sex while speeding at an astonishing 70 mph in a country with one of the highest rate of traffic-related deaths in the world.

The Argentinian publication, Notinor Jujuy, which initially circulated the footage said, “This is a ‘No-no. A reader filmed this foolish behavior by a driver who was on National Route 9 near Yala this weekend. Roads in Jujuy have a high accident rate and this type of behavior definitely doesn’t help.”

One enraged Facebook user, María Helena Gareca, commented in Spanish what translates to, “What a pair of assholes! When they crash or cause an accident [they’ll be] sorry, but they do not respect their life or others.”

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As a result of the video, local police have launched an investigation into the couple.

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Warning: video contains graphic content. View at your own risk.

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