This too shall pass, but not the smell test.

A flight from Dubai to Amsterdam went down the toilet because one passenger would not stop farting.

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Reports from numerous publications, including De Telegraaf, the news in India, and the British tabloids, say that an elderly overweight passenger was passing gas that was so rancid and so constant that two Dutch passengers took exception and a fight ensued.

The Transavia Airlines HV6902 flight had to make an emergency landing in Vienna, Austria, because the situation was not resolved and repeated complaints achieved nothing.

There has been some speculation about whether the exceedingly flatulent man was doing this intentionally to goad passengers or was suffering from an unspecified medical condition.

Images of Vienna police boarding the plane to deal with so-called “passengers on the rampage” have since emerged, and four people were escorted off the plane and promptly banned.

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Unlike the plane passengers, people on social media were loving it, especially International Business Times’ “fart attack” joke.

We’re going to call that play on words a work of fart.

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