Steamy Australian Firefighters Pose Shirtless for the 2021 Calendar and YES PLEASE

As if we needed another reason to love the holidays, the 2021 Australian Firefighters Calendar will officially be available this October 7, 2020, and it’s pretty much the only reason why we’re excited for the year to end. What’s so special about this year’s calendar? Well, it will feature firefighters from around the globe for the world’s first International Firefighters Calendar. Since 1993, Australian firefighters have been gracing us with their…um…wonderful presence, giving us a reason to start using a calendar more. Just like the previous calendars before this one, these smoking hot firefighters are posing to raise money for animal charities and are even posing with some adorable rescue animals.

Honestly, the calendar has everything you ever need: unbelievably gorgeous hunky heroes snuggling adorable cats and dogs. That’s it. Game over, I’m sold, give me five. Oh, and of course you have a place to jot down any important life event, which is mainly the purpose of a calendar, but I mean, whatever. That’s beside the point.

It’s safe to say these firefighters have seriously outdone themselves. What makes the whole situation better is that the funds are nationally donated to Mates4Mates, Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, Precious Paws Animal Rescue, Safe Haven Animal Rescue, Save a Horse, Healing Hooves, and AMS Cat Haven. The main intention of the calendar is to find loving homes for the animals and financially support the organization looking after mistreated animals. This year, in 2020, the Australian Firefighters Calendar supported smaller and local charities to focus on the native Australian therapy and rescue animals.

David Rogers, director of the Australian Firefighters Calendar stated, “We felt that it was important to help some of the smaller charities that the public never hears about. These grassroots organizations work tirelessly in their local community making a huge difference to people’s lives.”

Since 1993, firefighters from Australia have come together to create the 12-month calendar, donating nearly $3 million to various charities around Australia. But, thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, the firefighters have raised $1.7 million in the past four years. With these new pictures for 2020, I’m sure sales will boost up in no time. The annual calendar has become a global sensation, with copies hanging all around homes with more than 84,000 followers on Instagram.

In previous years, the calendar’s proceeds went to several animal charities but also went towards funds for The Childrenʼs Hospital Foundation in Queensland, The Starlight Foundation in New South Wales, My Room Children’s Cancer Charity in Victoria, The Cancer Council in South Australia, and The Salvation Army. This year, the calendar helped support Healing Hooves which helps children who are suffering from Asperger’s and Autism, and help returning veterans who are suffering from PTSD, as well as older people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. It will also help the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital which has helped care for native Australian animals for over 70 years and BackTrack which helps disaffected youth get their lives “back on track” using the “basic formula of respect and responsibility. The calendar also helped support the Down Syndrome South Australia and Pet of the Homeless.

The best part about these calendars? There are multiple editions! So, you’re not a fan of cats? No worries… there are also various calendars featuring dogs, a variety of farm animals such as horses, or if you’re just not a fan of any kind of feline creature, you can always just get a calendar full of hot guys! Choose between the 2020 Hot Firefighters Edition, Firefighters Animal Calendar, a Hot Firefighter Daily Planner, a Pillowcase Cat, and a Pillowcase “Classic”…you name it, it’s all there! All you have to do is go to Remember, next year’s calendar will be available on October 7th, so you might want to set up a reminder.

The calendar takes four long weeks to complete, full of photoshoots and edits, so it’s safe to say they put all their ‘hard work’ in there. Interesting in buying? Go check out their website at Australian Firefighter Calendars!  Anyone else ready to move to Australia, get an apartment, and forget to turn off the stove? No? Just me? Alrighty then.

Editors Note: This post was originally published on October 18, 2018. It was updated on September 9, 2020, to announce the 2021 Australian Firefighters Calendar. 

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