Coins, Screws and Batteries Removed From 35-Year-Old Turkish Man’s Stomach Via Surgery

Normally children end up in the hospital with objects in their stomach. A 35-year-old man in Turkey proved that it can happen at almost any age, although he is an extreme case.

A Turkish man almost turned his stomach into a makeshift toolbox. That’s how surgeons who removed 233 items from his stomach described it. He had apparently ingested items from batteries, magnets, nails, shards of glass, stones, and screws.

Dr. Binici, one of the surgeons said of the surgery, “We saw that one or two of the nails had pierced through the stomach wall during the surgery.”

“We observed that the big intestine contained two metal fragments and two stones of various sizes. Batteries, magnets, nails, coins, fragments of glass, and screws were among the items we discovered.”

“We thoroughly cleaned his stomach,” the surgeon added.

The unnamed man was taken to the hospital by his brother

The unnamed man was taken to the hospital by his brother after he complained about abdominal pain. Doctors performed an endoscopy using ultrasound and X-rays, they were amazed to discover amount of items in his stomach.

Doctors aren’t used to seeing this kind of thing in adults. It is most common among children. If it is seen in adults it’s often seen in cases where the person is a psychiatric patient, a prisoner, or the victim of abuse.

“It is not a situation we see in adults, it is mostly in childhood and unconsciously swallowed foreign bodies. It can be seen in psychiatric patients, prisoners or abuse cases in the adult age group.”

The man’s brother went on to thank the doctors

The man’s brother told the local media about how his brother ended up being operated on. He unfortunately didn’t reveal how the objects ended up in his brother’s stomach, “He was referred to this hospital. After the checks performed here, he was operated on and these objects were removed from his stomach.”

It’s also unknown when the operation to place. The man’s brother went on to thank the doctors, “I thank the doctors for their attention and support.”

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