A Colombian Drug Cartel Just Put a $70K Hit on a Drug Sniffing Dog

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Drug cartels. They seem all cool, suave, hardcore and badass in the movies and on TV. Then you read about cartels in the real world and remember that they’re the type of people who set school buses full of kids on fire, or order their goons to cut off an innocent drug-sniffing dog’s head because it’s costing them too much money. You know, just your run of the mill unthinkable crimes. But once you start imagining the grisly reality of a sweaty South American man sawing off a German Shepherd‘s head in the middle of the night, you sort of begin to think, “Hmmm, these people might not be as cool as I thought they were…”.

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The Urabeños drug cartel in Colombia is more or less out to do the latter scenario, as they’ve put a hit out on the best drug-sniffing dog in the country, a German Shepherd named Sombra (Spanish for “Shadow”).

According to the BBC, intelligence sources learned that the Urabeños cartel put the $70,000 hit on Sombra after she helped uncover 10 tons of the cartel’s cocaine. Sources have indicated that 10 tons is, in fact, quite a bit of cocaine.

After learning about the cartel’s price on Sombra’s head the Colombian police moved her away from the gang’s main area of operation, to the Bogotá International Airport, which is considered well outside of the cartel’s reach.

The Urabeños cartel is known to be especially ruthless. In the past, they’ve put out leaflets offering $500 to anyone who killed a police officer. The cartel’s boss, Dairo Antonio Úsuga — also known as Otoniel — is one of the most wanted men in Colombia.

The Colombian drug cartel, also sometimes referred to as the Gulf Clan, exports cocaine to Central America and the United States via speedboat and even submarine.

Police have said that the exorbitant sum the cartel has put on the head of a wildly effective but obviously oblivious police dog (because it’s a freakin’ dog) is indicative of the financial losses they’ve suffered because of Sombra. Presumably, the cartel has put out a hit on the people who trained Sombra and her canine comrades as well, for roughly the sum of whatever the Dallas Cowboys plus a comet that is actually one giant space diamond retails for.

Keep your head on a swivel Sombra.

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