These lions were living life in the fast lane, by their own rules. Why did they cross the road? To get to the other side, of course.

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We’ve seen deer and moose crossings end poorly in the past many times over, but what would you do if you spotted a dozen lions in the road?

Drivers in India sat there amazed as the pride of lions plotted their highway crossing, cubs and all.

The crossing took place on the Pipavav-Rajula highway in Gujarat, the Times of India reported.

Two guys on a motorcycle were remarkably unfazed by the crossing, and one of them even got off the bike to take pictures.

Times of India/Facebook

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At the end of it all, the lions got buses and trucks to stop on a highway so they could cross, though one of them inexplicably retreated to where they from.

Drivers were stunned when a pride of lions took their sweet time crossing the road — one guy even took pictures Facebook/The Times of India
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