Drunk Driver Seen Falling Off Motorcycle While Attempting to Order Some Food

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Video footage has circulated online of a drunk driver falling over on his motorcycle while at a McDonald’s drive-thru in East Sussex, England. The footage depicts an interrogation between 28-year-old Cameron Dixon and the police, as well as the moment when he was initially picked up.

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After pulling up to the drive-thru window around 1:30 AM on April 25, Dixon is shown falling off his motorcycle. While a policeman was having some grub at the area McDonald’s, the staff of the establishment alerted him that Dixon was visibly inebriated. He was arrested after he failed a breath test. When first apprehended by the officer, Dixon told him that he just had a drink while celebrating with family, which the breath test showed was a massive understatement.

Drunk UK Man Embarrasses Himself at McDonald’s

During the interrogation, an officer is heard saying, “You are under investigation because of driving a motor vehicle on a road or public place whilst over the prescribed limit of alcohol.” During the officer’s declaration, Dixon interrupted several times, saying, “I don’t give a f***,” and “I don’t care!”He then says, “Whatever it is, disprove it.”

Sergeant Ambrose, who worked on the case, discussed the details of the drunken shenanigans. “The footage shows how unsteady Dixon was. He was in no fit state to be riding his motorcycle that night. He put his own safety, and the safety of other road users, at risk.”

Ambrose added, “This case demonstrates the ongoing importance of reporting potential drink-drivers to the police. Drink-driving is one of the main causes of people being killed or seriously injured on our roads, so informing the police really could save someone’s life.”

Dixon has been banned from driving a vehicle for 17 months. He also will have to pay up to 100s of dollars in fines. However, it seems as though Dixon can still enjoy a Big Mac at the same Mcdonald’s he caused a ruckus at, as long as he’s not behind the wheel of a vehicle.

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