Warning: you may consider this video disturbing.

A woman from Uttar Pradesh, India was caught on camera trying to strangle her mother-in-law one week after her husband installed a surveillance camera to catch her in the act of domestic violence.

According to the BBC, Sangeeta Jain was arrested in connection with the attempted murder of 70-year-old Raj Rani Jain.

The woman’s husband, Sandeep Jain, installed a surveillance camera one week earlier to “expose” his wife who had apparently been abusing family members since they were married seven years ago.

“She was always like this. She used to attack us all – my parents, me,” he told NDTV. “I waited for a year and then thought of installing a CCTV camera to expose her.”

Police said there was “a lot of infighting in the family between the husband, wife and mother-in-law”.

The victim said “My daughter-in-law slapped me and tried to strangle me. Then she got some stones and hit me with them.”

NDTV also reported that Sangeeta Jain said the video is a fake.

“They made this fake video to ruin me. They beat me so many times … there is no video of that,” she said.

The police investigation is ongoing.

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