Video Shows Loose Horse Breaking Into Crowded Bar, Going Nuts


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Did you hear this one? So a horse walks into a bar… and destroys everything it sees because it’s a horse that didn’t understand where it was so it got terrified and started going berserk. That’s not really a joke it’s just a thing that happened recently.

A Horse Walks Into a Bar

A bar in Chantilly, north of Paris, France was having a nice, quiet day. Its patrons were presumably all drinking wine and exchanging stories about French people stuff — like being rude to American tourists or other times they drank wine — when all that froggy fun was interrupted by a pissed off racehorse. The entire ordeal was captured on the bar’s security camera.

According to reports, the horse had recently kicked its rider off and then escaped from a racetrack. This thing was just looking to have some fun.

At Least It’s a Great Drinking Story

While watching this video I couldn’t help but think that if I were in that bar I’d have probably died. I would have had just enough drinks to have the irrational drunk confidence that would let me believe I could whisper that horse. Obviously that wouldn’t be the case. Then I’d get a hoof to the dome that would cave in my skull and spray my brains all over the glass. And I live in Texas so there is a greater than zero chance this could happen to me.

The horse was eventually wrangled and taken back to the track. Thankfully no one was injured and only a few pieces of furniture were destroyed.

This article was originally published October 1, 2018.

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