Influencer Tragically Dies After Botched Backstreet Butt Fillers

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It has been reported that 40-year-old Brazilian model and influencer Lygia Fazio has died after receiving an unauthorized butt lift surgery. Fazio is survived by her two sons David and Thor.

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Fazio allegedly suffered from a stroke about three weeks before her death. Through her popular Instagram account, an unnamed friend informed Fazio’s almost 1 million subscribers of her unfortunate death. They wrote, “Unfortunately, our warrior has passed away. I will soon announce here the times of her farewell. We thank everyone for their support.”

Tragic Death of Influencer After Unauthorized Procedure

The influencer was no stranger to plastic surgery, having undergone a Brazilian butt lift in 2013 and having PMMA fillers injected after that. PMMA fillers are considered to be mostly safe, with the National Institutes of Health stating, “PMMA proved to cause few side effects.” The Institute’s 2019 study also found that PMMA was “one of the best options for gluteal augmentation.”

Despite the claims that PMMA is safe, the fillers spread to Fazio’s body, causing major infection and leading to the model’s stroke. In March 2022, Fazio had an interview revealing that she had the PMMA removed from her body, saying, “The product seems to ‘move’ in the body, it goes down to the legs. In my case, it went to the sides. So, I had to have it removed, I had a heart-shaped incision. Four months ago [Dec. 2021] the doctor removed all the silicone and PMMA.” Sadly, taking out the PMMA, which is a common glass alternative, did not seem to fix the damage that was already done to Fazio’s body.

Journalist Meiri Borges, who was a close friend of Fazio, spoke about the late model in several videos she uploaded to Instagram. In the videos, Borges said, “She always sought perfection, she was always very beautiful, stunning and there’s no room for judgment here. She always wanted to look more beautiful, feel better, and she sought help from people who were not professionals.”

Borges added, “For a while, I think professionals were using substances that were legalized and so on, but after a while, she wanted more, and doctors didn’t want to do it, so she resorted to clandestine procedures. And that was the ticking time bomb in her life. The industrial silicone mixed with PMMA started spreading throughout her body, causing an infection, a bacteria.”

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