A wife, mom and popular blogger in London took a walk on the wild side recently with her post about her and her husband’s penchant for being nude around their young children.

Celine Bell, 37, said that the couple is “more than happy” to be naked in front of their children, and not only that, their two sons, 3-year-old Arthur and 18-month-old George, “revel in being naked” and are “proud of what their bodies can achieve.”

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However, Bell also added that at some point as the boys get older, she and husband Pete, 39, will have to draw a line on their nudity. She said they will have to be “mindful” and put on some clothes.

While some may have other ideas about the appropriateness of being naked around their children, Bell sees no issue with it at this stage of their family life. She wrote in a post to her blog, “Bell From Bow”: “[W]hen we are not out of the house, we are as laissez faire as we’ve always been, and that includes being naked in front of the kids.”

“It’s not a permanent state, because I’m too tight with the heating for that, and it’s not gratuitous, but it’s more than acceptable.”

And while some readers might not think children so young can find confidence in the body’s achievements, Bell disagreed, citing her children’s reactions.

“They have such confidence. They revel in being naked,” she wrote on her blog “And they are proud of what their bodies can achieve, ‘Look mummy, look at me!’ We could do well to learn from them.”

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Bell seemed to keep the situation in perspective, though, understanding that as her boys get older, being naked around the house won’t be an ideal situation, and that there is a difference between being occasionally nude and being nudists.


“At what point will I have to be conscious of my children, who will one day be young men, and cover up accordingly?” Bell wrote in her blog. “There is a difference between being relaxed and exhibitionism, and we all went to school with the kid whose parents were in-your-face naked, too relaxed to make anyone comfortable.

“When do we need to be mindful of embarrassing them?”

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