Passersby at the Euston railway station in London did double takes as they walked through the terminal, and some even took pictures of the Christmas display that sparked a range of reactions on the internet.

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It’s pretty clear that most people thought the barricaded tree wasn’t sending the best Christmas spirit signals.

The photo captured by Mark Tierney was bizarre enough that it became a Twitter Moment, featuring a collection of responses all in one place.

“It’s a a magical winter wonderland at Euston Station,” he tweeted.

Some joked that the Christmas display was so inspirational they went right home and put up a tree of their own.

Others sarcastically said that they couldn’t wait to see this memorable tree in all of its glory when they have to grab the train.

Even more people grinned about the idea that civilians were actually being kept out of harm’s way, since this is one of those trees that might “break free and attack someone.”

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Then there were those who shared other less than satisfying Christmas displays they encountered over the course of their day.

At least they tried.

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