Madonna stopped her weekend concert in Stockholm to pay tribute to the victims of Friday’s Paris attacks.

Madonna told the audience, Saturday, that she thought of canceling the show but decided to go with it as planned. During her comments, which lasted several minutes, the singer called the attacks “senseless endings of precious life.”

“I was going to cancel tonight, but then I thought to myself, ‘why should I give that to them? Why should I allow them to stop me? And to stop us from enjoying freedom,” she said.

Defiantly, the pop icon said the terrorists “want to silence us, and we won’t let them. We will never let them.”

Madonna called for peace –not politics or war— in her comments, noting the only way to shift the tide of hatred is to change the way we treat each other.

“There are people who have no respect for human life, and there are people that do atrocious, degrading and unforgivable things to human beings. But we will never, ever, ever change this world that we live in if we do not change ourselves. If we do not change the way we treat one another on a daily basis.”

(H/T The Independent)

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